Collated minutes from May 3rd 2019 event, ‘How can we improve access to the audio industry?’


On May 3rd 2019, the Multitrack steering group organised an event at Somerset House, called ‘How can we improve access to the audio industry’. It was an Open Space event, where attendees set the agenda for what they wanted to talk about, and split off into a number of discussion groups covering different topics, suggested by people in attendance.

Each group had a minute taker, and with their help we have collated all available minutes from the night. These minutes are now available to read or download here.

There were 10 discussion groups on the night. The topics they discussed were:

  1. How can we share our skills so we can learn for free?
  2. Dedicated and affordable space
  3. Recruitment standards
  4. How can we improve access specifically to audio drama?
  5. How can we make sure people are able to afford to both attend and run training and development opportunities?
  6. How do we create platforms for new voices?
  7. How can we create space for experimental and non-traditional storytelling?
  8. How do people who want to hire new, diverse producers find them?
  9. How do we deal with the fact that a lot of the gatekeepers to make stuff are middle class, white dudes?
  10. How do we make sure the right voices are involved in organising initiatives, so no one is excluded?

NB. we weren’t able to get minutes for groups 2 and 9, however all other minutes are provided in the document.